Carpet Fibers

Home Design Carpet and Rugs offers several beautiful fibres for your carpeting needs. Please see a summary of our fibre offerings below and be sure to visit our showroom to see and feel these wonderful options!


A less expensive alternative to nylon carpeting, polyester carpets provide stain resistance, softness and colour. Home Design Carpet and Rugs offer polyester carpets in a wide variety of cut and loop pile styles to suit any taste. Come into our showroom today to see our wide selection of polyester carpets!

Polypropylene (OLEFIN)

Polypropylene or olefin carpet has been an ever popular choice for carpeting since the 1980s. Polypropylene carpets are extremely resistant to colour fading as they are pigmented with solution dye rather than with water based dyes. Solution pigmented fibres go through a process where colour is melted into the yarn. One of the most resilient fibres, polypropylene carpets will not stain or loose their colour to bleach, sunlight or harsh chemicals. Visit our showroom today to see our wide selection of polypropylene carpets.


Nylon carpeting is one of the most versatile and popular synthetic carpet fibres. Although a more expensive fibre, nylon carpet is resilient against wear, receptive to dyeing and extremely soft. Nylon carpets are most often treated to be stain and mildew resistant as well as flame retardant. Come see our amazing nylon carpet offerings in our showroom.


Wool is the most traditional, natural and clean fibre that a carpet can be made from. To create this fibre, wool is sheered from sheep and made into yarn which is then weaved. Wool fibres are comprised of small springs that have a lot of flexibility. These springy coils increase the carpet’s ability to bounce back making the carpet more resilient against wear. Wool naturally resists stains and fire, is hypoallergenic and stands the test of time. As wool is renewable and biodegradable, it is also a green choice! Visit our showroom today to see our selection of lovely wool carpets.


A great green choice, Seagrass fibres are made from the grass in flooded rice paddies. Although dyeing is difficult, the yarn from Seagrass is exceptionally durable. Available in a range of neutral tones, this natural fibre adds a unique Zen flavour to any space. See our selection of Seagrass fibres in store.

At Home Design Carpet and Rugs we buy only the finest materials so no matter which fibre you select, you can be sure that your investment will last. With exceptional prices and quality that speaks for itself, Home Design is the best value for carpets and rugs!


STAINMASTER is the carpet industry’s most trusted and known brand and that is why we carry STAINMASTER products at Home Design Carpet and Rugs.

The Fiber Technology System and the Anti-Static Technology System provide your carpet with lifelong protection. When paired with the DuPont Advanced Teflon protectant, STAINMASTER cannot be beat. Choose STAINMASTER products for the best performance, style and function.

Come in and ask us about our new STAINMASTER carpet line on sale now!

Green Carpet and Rug Solutions

Home Design Carpet and Rugs is invested in the health of our planet and committed to being environmentally responsible. We realize that business cannot operate at the cost of the environment and we uphold high standards of green manufacturing. Our goal is not only to maintain our level of environmental consciousness but to increase our awareness everyday. Our desire to improve the global ecosystem is evident in our high quality eco-friendly products, brands and services. Talk to a member of the Home Design Carpet and Rugs team today about how to make your carpet investment an environmentally friendly one.